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From Kendama Japan to Kendama Romania; How It All Began

Romania is still a relatively new member of the European Union. As young a member as it is, the country is steeped in culture stretching back hundreds of years. There are historians, however, that suggest that the Japanese culture and its accompanying traditions are a lot older and stretch as far back as at least a thousand years.

Kendama Romania

While Romanians are famed for their folk dance and song, the Japanese have, in the last hundred years or so, become well known for their inventiveness and discipline. Both cultures, however, still have plenty of time for relaxation and recreation. But Japanese inventiveness and discipline has seen to it that games that people play are not just good for fun but good for body, soul and mind. One such game invented by the Japanese is known as Kendama.

It was developed as far back as the eighteen hundreds, but today, it is slowly but surely becoming a recognizable game across the globe. So, from Japan’s invention of Kendama to Kendama Romania, as things stand among a growing crowd in a corner of Europe, let’s now take a brief look at why the game was motivated in the first place.

The Kendama was originally developed as a wooden toy in a game of skill. When it was invented in Japan it was intended that Japanese children use this toy to develop their skills of concentration, balance, reflex abilities and concentration. Today, however, adults across the world, including those few in Romania, are also using this toy and game to help them with their eye to hand coordination development.

They are also beginning to play the game competitively, and across the world, from small pockets in Europe to the North American continent, professional clubs are springing up. It is no longer just another game that young children play for educational purposes but a global sport. The Kendama has a few parts worth noting. This is also an opportunity for new readers to learn a few words of Japanese while being introduced to the Japanese game and required tool.

The tool has several parts. The Ken is the handle. It has a pointed tip known as the Kensaki, or spike. On the opposite of the handle is a cup known as the Cazara or bottom cup. There are, in actual fact, two cups on this toy, known as the Ozara (big cup) and the Kozara (small cup). The point at which these cups must meet is known as the Sarado, or crosspiece.

As a sport growing in popularity, the device is used to juggle with great skill. Within this growing global sport, a group of top players have emerged. It may seem a case of stating the obvious that some of the world’s leading players are based in Japan, but a worthwhile question to ask is whether any top players are coming out of Romania today.

But as a family sport, healthy rivalry can be established all under one roof.